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Bernardo Bertolucci
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Bernardo Bertolucci biography

Born in Parma in 1941, Bernardo Bertolucci is a film director, screenwriter and producer. Eldest son of the famous poet Attilio Bertolucci and brother of the theatrical author and film director Giuseppe, he attends the Faculty of Modern Literature at the University of Rome, to become a poet like his father, but shortly leaves education without graduating to follow his true passion: cinema. He meets Pierpaolo Pasolini and soon he becomes his assistant in the filming of the movie "Accattone" (1961).

At the age of 22, he directs his first feature film, produced by Tonino Cervi with a screenplay by Pier Paolo Pasolini, called "The Grim Reaper" ("La comare secca", 1962).

Bertolucci leaves Pasolini's poetic ideas behind in order to follow his own personal idea about cinema, more introspective, based primarily on the individuality of people who are forced to deal with sudden changes in their lives. His second film, "Before the Revolution" ("Prima della rivoluzione", 1964), which was released in 1971, receives an Academy Award nomination for best screenplay.

In 1970 he directs "The Spider's Stratagem" ("Strategia del ragno") and "The Conformist" ("Il conformista").

Bertolucci also receives an Academy Award nomination as best director for "Last tango in Paris" (Ultimo tango a Parigi, 1972), one of the most successful films in the history of cinema but also plagued by censorship problems in Italy. In 1976 the immense saga of "900" (Novecento), story of peasant life in Emilia, features two young Robert De Niro and Gerard Depardieu. Followed by "La luna" (1979), "Tragedy of a Ridiculous Man" ("La tragedia di un uomo ridicolo", 1981) and "The Last Emperor" ("L'ultimo imperatore", 1989), winner of nine Oscars including best director, is the first of a trilogy of high-budget art films, followed with mixed fortunes by "The Sheltering Sky" ("Il tè nel deserto", 1990) and "Little Buddha" ("Il piccolo Buddha", 1993). In 1996, Bertolucci returnes to his native Italy with "Stealing Beauty" ("Io ballo da sola", 1996), "L’assedio" (1998), "The Dreamers" (2003).

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